Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tag, I'm It...

Just so you all know, I stunk at games of tag as a kid. I would get tired and lie down in a grassy field and pick clover and stuff. But, Joyce managed to find me hiding out in the deep weeds reading a book, so now I'm IT!

1. What were you doing 10 years ago... Well, I was a newly single mother of an almost 3 year old. I had bought my first house - on my own - and was struggling with balancing work, child raising and doing it all by myself. There wasn't a whole lot of money or time, but somehow we made it work and I look back on those days with much fondness!

2. Five things on my To-Do List today... Work, baseball game, wash baseball uniforms, finalize birthday arrangement for the littlest eco 'burban boy who turns 4 this Saturday and walk the dog. Chances are, the dog's not getting his walk...

3. Snacks I enjoy... Snickers ice cream bars from the corner store during walks with the kids and dogs. Carmel corn mixed with cheese corn from Garrett's in Chicago. Texas sheet cake made by my mother. I've tried to duplicate it, but it just isn't the same.

4. Places I've lived... Amboy, IL - small, rural farm town where I lived until age 16. Clarkston, MI - through high school. Dekalb, IL - for college. Clarkston, MI - again - moved back to be closer to my parents. Once you have some kids, being close to your parent's ain't all that bad! Now, West Bloomfield, MI - Happily remarried for 6 years, with 4 kids (all boys), 2 dogs and a cat.

5. Five things I would do if I was a billionaire - a) pay off mortgages and any debt b) arrange retirement, college and trust funds c) invest in the family business d) Take some time out to spend an entire summer traveling abroad with the kids e) Take care of my sisters, parents and in-laws so not a single one of them needs to worry about retirement or debt

And, there you have it! Now, I am going back to reading my book and picking clover... Thanks Joyce, this was fun.

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Joyce said...

Thanks! it fun to find out more about everyone. AndI'm seeing a strong Illinois connection that I didn't know existed!