Friday, June 13, 2008

Views from my windows...

After our storm, some of my plants are a little better (thanks to the rain!) or a little worse for the wear (thanks to the wind!). Here are some views on what's growing around our soggy, wind-blown yard.

Our favorite this time of year is our steep hill that leads to the lake, which is filled with thousands and thousands of daisies - the pride of the eco 'burban dad. All the neighborhood kids love the "Wizard of Oz" zig-zag path we keep cut through the mob of white petals and sunny yellow centers:
The littlest eco 'burban boy's bean plants, carrots and cherry tomatoes - he found some teeny, tiny green tomatoes and wants to pick them already. Patience is a virtue!

The oldest eco 'burban boy's pea plant - the only one in his science class who got his seeds to sprout, I might add! A hanging basket that apparently loves the humidity!

My herb pot - growing nicely now. And, it looks like there is plenty of sage for some yummy potatoes on the grill for Father's Day!

And, last, but certainly not least... Sunset on our lake. The perfect end to a stormy summer day!


Joyce said...

I just love the trail through all those daisies! For some reason, I have had very little luck with daisies here. I blame the heat and humidity, but I don't think your weather is too different from ours. Must be my "skilz".

eco 'burban mom said...

No "skliz" here! Beleive it or not, that daisy patch does all that all by itself! We found it by accident after living here for a couple years. It was a rainy spring and we weren't able to cut the grass for a few weeks and BAM, a few started popping up and we realized the whole hill is covered with them! Our house is 80 years old, so someone must have planted them years ago and they have been multiplying ever since! Crazy! When people go by on the lake they shout "WE LOVE YOUR FLOWERS!" It's so funny!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

They make a nice change from all the cement and iron outside my windows. You've inspired me to go for a walk tomorrow and find some more green :)

Green Bean said...

You are growing gardeners to be sure, EB. Beautiful.