Monday, October 27, 2008

Beaten by the Economy

I am tired, I am frustrated and most of all I am sad. I have been beaten by the economy. No time to post here on the blog regularly, barely ten minutes for my kids these days, not to mention my husband.

The forecast is pretty bleak here in Michigan. Chrysler plans to cut one out of every four jobs by the end of the year, Ford and GM are pretty much in the same boat. Plants are closing, local businesses are shuttered, people are moving and prospects are pretty grim.

To make up for our decrease in income, I have been back to working full time, including travel, stress and 50-60 hour weeks. My husband is working pretty much all hours of the waking day and we are trying not to become one of the statistics. We keep telling ourselves that we're just thankful to be employed, we're thankful to have our home and we're most thankful for our healthy children.

Our neighborhood, once easily recognized as "the" place to live by simply mentioning a zip code is now a wasteland of dreams. Many homes have been foreclosed upon and auctioned, some just up and abandoned. One of those was looted and used by teenagers as a party place, so today I look from my kitchen window upon a boarded up home complete with sagging siding and waist-high weeds. This certainly can't be where I live, this is not where I want to be today.

I've tried to find the good, fighting to stay green around the edges as the green in our wallet dwindled. We've volunteered our time instead of donating our money, we helped neighbors in their time of crisis, we've looked for the silver lining.

It just wasn't there.

If you would, please excuse the lack of posts. Pardon the partisan political statements. I apologize for the lack of fun and humor. I've just lost my ability to find my way at the moment. The way back to the way it was before. Before my friends were losing their jobs left and right. Before foreclosure was so common my kids now know about their friends losing their homes. Before banks got a bailout while parents work 50 hour weeks just to save their homes and dreams.

I'll be dropping in and out here, when I can, and reading your blogs for a pick-me-up. Goodness knows, I certainly will need them! See you soon,

~ Eco 'burban mom


JAM said...

I hear you. We never thought we'd be a statistic, but my husband got laid off two weeks ago. He's in pharmaceuticals, so I'm hoping something will turn up soon, but I sure never thought it would happen to him - he's got a Ph.D. and 18 years experience, for Pete's sake!!! I haven't worked since I quit to raise my daughters 14 years ago. Hang in there...

Belinda said...

Good Luck and please, take all the care that you can.

I really feel sad that so many good people are getting hurt in this mess. People's hopes and dreams should never be a source of hurt.

Kind Regards

JessTrev said...

Hang in there, I am sorry to hear of your hard times and so treasure your voice when I do hear it. Take time for yourself and your family whenever you can snatch it. We'll be here when things look up (which I hope will be soon).

Green Bean said...

I am so sorry to hear about this! I wish the internet allowed hugs. I wish I could hop over with a pot of chili. I wish I could offer to watch your boys for the night. Or something.

Know that I'm doing it all virtually and am sending all the good vibes your way that I can. Take care!!

Rosa said...

I'm so sorry, 'Burb.

Just hang on there, and don't feel bad about what you can't help. I'm another 40+ hours a week working mama, and it is hard, but we're all in it together.

Stephanie said...

Don't worry -- we ALL understand. This economic crisis is getting more and more real every day. It's so scary. Good luck.

Mo said...

All the best to you! Hang in there and I will look forward to reading you again very soon.

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of well wishes and hugs your way. We have friends who are facing unemployment for the 2nd time this year. Very scary. So far, we are lucky and both still have jobs. We are cutting expenses and trying to get everything repaired and in good order, in case the worst happens.


Rjs said...

Hang in there. I feel your pain!

We're at 6 months and counting and am hoping that we scrape together enough to make ends meet now that the unemployment's gone too.

Sometimes things have to take a back seat. But don't give up blogging -- sometimes you need that break too!

Donna said...

I'm so sorry! Hang in there!