Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween UNedibles!

And here after I said my plate was too full to blog... However, this is too important not to pass along and yes, it true, you can confirm it on Snopes here.

As if we didn't already know the food system in our country was broken and it was a bad, bad, bad idea to eat food coming from China, here's a warning about Halloween chocolates that may contain melamine. The warning comes from Canada regarding Pirate's Gold Milk Chocolate Coins sold in Costco stores. Please read the article and make sure to check your children's Halloween baskets for these candies and warn them against eating anything before the arrive home.

From Snopes:

"On October 8, 2008, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued a consumer advisory warning the public not eat, distribute or sell Sherwood brand Pirate's Gold milk chocolate imported from China. The candy is being recalled for testing positive for the industrial chemical melamine, a substance at the center of the tainted milk controversy in China. The coins were being sold across Canada by Costco and may have also been vended in bulk packaged or as individual pieces at dollar and bulk stores."


Amber said...

Thanks for posting about this. I'm passing it on to all the moms I know.

According to Consumer Affairs and CBC White Rabbits are contaminated as well. The Consumer Affairs report also mentions that some of Cadbury's UK products have tested positive, but US makers say they do not source their milk ingredients from China. Still, it kinda makes you wonder, what other products are out there that may be contaminated?

Mon said...
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Mon @ Holistic Mama said...

oops, not sure what happened to my comment....but what I said was...

Yep, this melamine stuff has gotten into all sorts of stuff. It's so infuriating, but of course totally normal for our times.

Just found your blog. :)