Sunday, August 10, 2008

All this for under $50

What $18.50 buys you at the local Farmer's Market:

And, there is someone out there that knows I have been waiting to try out this recipe using the cauliflower and a little birdie told me what to make with those lovely white peaches! I can't wait, it sounds like a great meal to me!

What $31.25 will buy you at the local thrift store right across the street from the Market:

Again, all brand names, some new with tags and all in excellent condition. Polo, Gymboree, Old Navy, Nike and Gap, just to name a few. Nine shirts, three pairs of pants and one happy mom!

Now, why would you shop anywhere else?


Joyce said...

Do you have a Plato's Closet resale shop? Looks like you're doing fine without it, but if you have one nearby, they have great clothes for teenagers. My younger two kids shopped there extensively, as well as taking things they'd outgrown out there to be resold. It makes so much sense to do this with growing kids!

MamaBird said...

Oh man, you got a shirt with a *cement mixer* on it?! Priceless.

eco 'burban mom said...

Joyce - I thought we had a Plato's Closet, but I think it went out of business. I was bummed, I drove over to the town where it was and it was gone! I will look for another location now that I know it really is a great place to go. My boys do have TONS of good stuff they have outgrown that I could resell too! Thanks for the tip!

Mamabird - I know! Can you believe it?? That Gymboree "ment mixer" shirt was only $2!! My 4 year old is in heaven. He wants it to get cold enough so he can wear it. It really makes your day when you find something they love so much!!

Green Bean said...

I love it when living green and spending less money go hand in hand! So excited that you were able to score such great deals at the farmers market AND thrift store.

Rjs said...

Love it - I dropped about $40 this weekend between the farm stand (where I stocked up on blackberries for the freezer) and the farmers market.

Then, I was at the store later and saw a can of blueberry or blackberry pie filling for $4 something - for generic. Hmm...what would you do?

Greener Grass Notes, Inc. said...

I am a big believer in buying second toys for my daughter. I save tons of money buying gently used toys and just giving them a scrub prior to use. Also, I started a new Eco-Friendly family tradition by throwing my sister-in-law a "your baby doesn't use it anymore, but her baby can" baby shower. People brought tons of barely used gifts and she got 10 times the gifts from each person since they didn't have to spend a dime! My sister-in-law then threw a baby shower for her sister (very Eco-friendly woman) the same way. It was a hit with both crowds!

Jeanne R.

Bobbi said...

My oldest daughter is a HUGE vintage store fan and shops whatever city she's in. She got me and the younger one into it. I found a Lauren jacket once for $12. It's become my Holy Grail to reach that standard of find again.