Monday, August 18, 2008

Home Again

4 bags dirty laundry to wash and dry outdoors in the morning sun.

6 dirty SIGGS ready for the dishwasher.

1 bushel of peaches ready for canning, freezing and eating.

12 sandy water shoes needing a rinsing in leftover canning water.

2 tired dogs home from the kennel, ready for baths using new bar of all natural and local pet soap.

4 tired boys, exhausted from tree swings, tree houses, sand dune hiking, boogie board riding, kayak paddling, prank-pulling, sand castle building, late night bonfires, Michael Phelps watching, gold medal dreaming and ice cream eating.

1 mom, with time to spend with her boys, enjoying the fresh air, sail boats and sunshine? Priceless.

Happy to be home? Definitely!!


Joyce said...

What a great vacation! Glad everything went well

Green Bean said...

Sounds like a wonderful break indeed.

Greener Grass Notes, Inc. said...

My daughter and I are heading to Iowa to visit the farm sans my husband, so I'm sure I'll be feeling the same when I return.

It is so much fun to do those things with your kids though. Glad to hear it was fun!