Sunday, August 3, 2008

eco 'burban sister

Today, I was the eco 'burban sister. My favorite moniker is the eco 'burban mom, as that is what defines my life the closest, but on certain days I am the eco 'burban friend, the eco 'burban business professional or even the 'eco burban daughter, boss, wife, customer and probably my kids favorite, the eco 'burban nag. ;o)

There are many different parts of my life that are green, though some greener than others. I am very comfortable being green at home, around my kids and husband. I am a little less vocal about being green at the office. When with friends or a girls night out I tend to be even quieter. Sometimes, even around my extended family, my greenness is almost at a church-whisper to keep the tree-hugger teasing to a minimum. Though, today, I let my eco-geek-ness sneak out of hiding.

Today was my sister's last day at home, she is moving to Chicago to begin her first year of teaching high school. Her going away gift (along with a room full of living room furniture straight from my basement!) included a jar of blueberry sauce made from berries my family hand picked at a local U-Pick, a jar of homemade raspberry jam for toast on mornings too busy for a real breakfast, a bar of lavender soap handmade right here in her own state and two Baggu reusable tote bags. These gifts were personal thoughts, part of my life today and part of a sustainable life I hope she will choose to lead on her own.
She promised to use the totes, loved the soap and was excited to be taking homemade jam and blueberry sauce to her new home. It was a small gift, but a personal one and each small step I take to share my lifestyle makes me a little more comfortable to take a larger step the next time.


Melissa said...

that's such a wonderful going away gift! and she'll think of you every time she has that jam for breakfast!

MamaBird said...

Great gifts - I bet you will miss her. Keep the support coming, the first year of teaching is haaaard work. She will need more jam. ;)

Cindy said...

Who doesn't like these thoughtful gifts? I wish my sister would learn from you :)

I understand what you are saying about hiding the tree hugging life from the public, lest people think that you are going to throw these better-than-thou glances at them or preach with a stiff tree branch :)

Joan said...

Sounds great and very thoughtful

Green Resolutions said...

This is so nice! I'm glad you posted about this. I've been trying to start thinking of these types of gifts to give at Christmas this year. I didn't even know people made soap until I went to a farmer's market this summer. And it just seems like such a great gift :)

eco 'burban mom said...

Melissa - I think she will think of me when she eat the jam, isn't it wonderful how something so simple and homemade means so much?

mamabird - I will miss her and I can't imagine how hard teaching inner city Chicago high school students will be for her. She's all of 24 and 110 pounds too! As her first job out of the chute, it will be a challenge. I think she might need a triple batch of jam! ;o)

cindy - I hear you, if you give the wrong person a couple of reusable totes they get offended thinking you are critiquing how they live their life. Sigh. You only want to make their life simpler and easier!

joan - yes, I think she truly was touched! It was nice to see.

green resolutions - I too am thinking along these lines for the holiday season. Out with giving of crap and in with giving of sustainability! ;o)

Green Bean said...

Orange you glad you gave her all those things?

eco 'burban mom said...

GB - Well, this is my littlest sister who is young and impressionable yet. And, I think she has the APLS potential!! She recycles, drinks out of reusable containers and drives a fuel efficient car without even thinking about it. I think I can get her over to the APLS before you know it! It's that middle sister that still needs some cloves yanked out! I'm the oldest, bossy sister, can't you tell??