Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And Darkness Falls...

As much as I love fall, the changing of the seasons can be a drag. Just when I'm at my tiredest (back to school time really sucks the life right out of me) the darkness of winter begins to creep in. It's so hard to jump out of bed when it's cold and dark and your brain is telling you to go back to sleep. Walking the dog in the pitch-black, chilly morning doesn't have that same invigorating feeling as it does in the bright sunshine of an early summer's day. Watching darkness fall at 8:00 in the evening when just a month ago children were playing baseball, swimming and swinging at that same time makes you long for a comfy bed and a down comforter.

So, to make a long story short. I'm tired. Really, really tired. I am drifting back into bad habits. Three cups of coffee for breakfast. Meals eaten on the run. Dinner haphazardly thrown together. Laundry piling up around every corner. Doggies staring forlornly a their leashes hoping for a walk. Yesterday, I used a paper towel. I was too tired to make my way to the linen closet for a clean dishtowel. It was my first paper towel in weeks, maybe even months.

How do I get back on track? Or am I just on a slippery slope backwards into a life of un-greenness? I managed to wake up early today to walk the puppy, thinking I was getting back in the game. Wandering through the dark streets I stepped into a pothole, wrenching my back. Figures. At least no one else was awake to hear cursing and muttering. Is it just another sign to simply stay in bed? Maybe...


Stephanie said...

I don't think you can be on a "slippery slope back towards un-greenness". Don't worry too much about it! You just need a chance to get used to the change in season, like the rest of us. Good luck!

Joyce said...

Why can't we just hibernate like bears?

I'm sure you won't go too far off track. Canning season is just about over, so that will be one less thing to do. Just don't beat yourself up if you're not pefect.

Green Bean said...

I think it is SO normal to feel like that. I do it all the time from time to time - and it doesn't even have to do with the weather. I find myself doing too much, need to recalibrate, figure out how to rearrange. In addition to all your greenness, haven't you also been involved in the Obama campaign in Michigan? And you're doing stuff at your boys' schools. And you work. Good God, woman, don't beat yourself up over a meal on the run or a papertowel.
It's no slippery slope. It's just life. :)

Indeed, just last night, I fed my children Ian's SuperTots (vegetable alphabet shaped french fries. As far as processed food goes, it's some of the better stuff but let's face it. It's PROCESSED! I was tired. We had gymnastics until 6:30. My kids wore me down at the supermarket. It's okay. We'll be back in the saddle soon.

Burbanmom said...

It's a slump - we all go through 'em. Know what picks me up? Fall comfort food! Embrace the change of seasons and make a big ol' crockpot of chili with pumpkin pie for dessert! Walk the dogs during the afternoon, when the air is nice and crisp but the sun is still shining.

Basically, create a new routine for yourself. One that you can get excited about and lets you take advantage of the shorter days and cooler weather.

But mostly, don't beat yourself up about having "lazy" days. They happen to all of us. No big whoop.

Hang in there, eco!

- Burbs

eco 'burban mom said...

Stephanie - getting used to fall is tough and then I get hit with winter! UGH... Though today I haven't used a paper towel yet! So things might be looking up.

Joyce - funny you should mention the canning. My mother brought me more peaches and I just couldn't stand to can them. I froze some and gave the rest to neighbors. They were most pleased! And, I was most relieved!

Green Bean - thanks for the pep talk and the heads up on the veggie tots. I will steer clear of the frozen aisle at Whole Foods while beaten down and tired! It's just so hard to remain upbeat these days!

Burban Mom - Oh, fall comfort food does bring it's joys. I think once fall is in full swing with the cool air and bright leaves maybe I will perk up. Right now it's that in-between season where the flowers are crunchy and dead and the weather is still hot during the day and we're still not adjusted to being back to school. I did take your idea of walking the dog during daylight, which I did yesterday evening. No potholes. :o) Better!

Condo Blues said...

I'm the same way with the change of seasons. One way I try to shake myself out of the slump is to think of good things that happen now that the weather is getting cooler. For example, in summer my long haired dog won't cuddle or play much indoors because it's too hot. This week, the weather's cooling down so he's much more socialable. In a few more weeks, and if I play my cards right, I won't have to turn on the heater at night because he'll want to hang out on my lap while I'm on the computer or watching TV. All in the name of saving energy of course (Well,OK. maybe more so for a good scratch behind the ears. :)

MamaBird said...

I hear ya. Transitions can be tough (look at how long it's taking me to get to my favorite blogs!) -- and we have been hitting the bean burrito place waaayyy too often over here. I agree with burbs - embrace the fall things: snuggling under blankets, and hot chai tea! And, as my DH says when I beat myself up? The roller coaster goes up, the roller coaster goes down. Slow, steady change. Be kind to yourself! Happy momma, happy family, happy earth.