Monday, September 29, 2008

Mom Down! Mom Down!

I'm sick. I should have seen it coming. Two of the eco 'burban boys were hit with a nasty case of bronchitis and sinusitis last week, requiring mom to dispense medicines, get up in the middle of the night and prepare special meals for the sick ones. Guess who's got it now...??

Two boxes of tissues, countless tea bags and lots of TV watching and I'm still not feeling any better. What have I noticed about being sick? It's not green. Not even a little bit green. This morning I am still single-handedly destroying trees and forests with my tissue usage, styrofoam take-out containers litter the fridge (eco 'burban dad was in charge of feeding the restless natives...) and cardboard bagel buckets reside in my recycling bin. Ugh.

Well, you win some and you lose some. I'm off to toast my leftover bagel in the office kitchen. However, it will be spread with my own homemade jam and some local butter. I guess I'm on the mend!


Wendy said...

I never get sick ... and yet, here I sit with a spigot of a nose and that "all stuffed up" feeling in my head. I feel like I need a nap, but I just got out of bed.

I hope you (we - *grin*) feel better soon ;).

Chile said...

Sorry you're stuffy. I have been lately, too. Lots of allergens blowing around in lots of wind here recently.

Hope you feel better soon!

Joyce said...

Colds are very green- "snot green" is an actual color descriptor at this house :) Hope you feel better soon!

MamaBird said...

Hope you feel better! Take a long, hot (not eco friendly) shower while you are at it. ;)

Green Bean said...

Feel better!

eco 'burban mom said...

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the well wishes. Today, I did the unthinkable... I took a day off work! And, the kids are all at school! Shoot, it's more than a sick day, it's a vacation!