Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanks, Ike

Thanks, Ike, for the havoc and disaster in Texas. Millions without power, hundreds of thousands unable to return home. Many dead, many more injured and dreams crushed. Homes, schools, businesses, infrastructure, parks and gardens damaged beyond repair.

Ike reached us all the way in Michigan. We got more than 8 inches of rain in 24 hours. (Following steady down pouring rain unrelated to Ike the entire day prior) Lakes and rivers reached historical heights, roads washed away, basements flooded. My 65 year old lake cottage home sprung a leak in her original foundation that held tight through many families before my own.

Warming, Ike screamed! Warning! Ice caps are melting, ocean temperatures are rising, storms are strengthening. Take heed and protect your family. Protect your planet. Protect your fragile ecosystems.

As I listen to the hum of our two dehumidifiers, one fan and one clothes dryer motor continuously in our basement I understand the power of a storm that started near the equator and reached as far north as the Canadian border. I also realize how lucky I am to be warm, safe and dry with electricity connected and water flowing.

For those of us safely out of the path of hurricanes, tidal waves, tornadoes and monsoons, it's our responsibility to protect those directly in their wake. It does take a village to raise a planet! For those able to donate to the victims of Hurricane Ike, please visit the Red Cross and give to those in need. For those unable to donate, please protect our planet. Reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink!


Joyce said...

We really got it, too, as did my son in NE Ohio- he was without power for 12 hrs., and we were flooded, like you were. Strangely, the son who lives in OK didn't get too much of anything. Isn't that weird? Anywasy, your're right, we all should help. Red Cross and Salvation Army are always there when you need them if we just keep donating to them.

Heather @ SGF said...

Looks like the fun isn't over down here. I live in the closest city north of the Houston area and people are coming all the way up here from all over Texas for gas, and food supplies. Why? There's no gas or food anywhere else. Now the news is reporting we are running out of gas AND food because supplies can't be replenished quickly.

Many evacuues are in town because they're not allow to return. Schools in the surrounding counties are closed indefinitely...

Hold tight. We're not out of the wood yet! If people can help... Please do!

Alana said...

In a way I'm glad that it impacted so much of the country. Now maybe people will realize that it's not just a coastal threat.

Condo Blues said...

Ike sent us 75 MPH winds in Central Ohio and knocked the electricty to 40% of the city and more if you count the surround area for a week. Luckily I didn't lose electricity in the storm. In fact as of today, they restored power to the rest of the city and guess what? My electricity went out for an hour today. Ironic, huh? :)