Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Please Push the Reset Button

What is wrong with the world? We have this. And this. And even rocket fuel in our water.

And, yes, this too is a crisis that could lead to the US's demise as an economic superpower, but is the only worry we have right now the death of banks that really shouldn't have been giving out these kinds of loans anyway?

What are we as a nation reading these days? News of former teen star Lindsay Lohan becoming lesbian tops news the Arctic Circle has dwindled to it's second lowest level making polar bears so desperate they resort to cannibalism.

Even political news is dominated by eye glass trends and email scandal. Doesn't anyone in government, politics or business care that our environment is in crisis too? That in 30 years it really won't make a difference what type of eyeglasses our president might wear or that former teen-queen junkies are unfit parents? Because our earth might be too hot or too unstable or too unsafe for our children to inhabit?

Big surprise, people, big surprise. Don't tell me you didn't see it coming. You didn't care. Today's news stories ranking as most popular? Nicole Kidman is crediting a waterfall she swam in with her fertility. Our possible, shudder, future Vice President likes to pose for pretty pictures, but prefers to dodge and hide when it's time to answer tough questions. Why aren't we reading about health care strategies or renewable energy plans? What about education for the poor, healthier school lunches or animal rights?

I'm screaming inside. I feel sick. Yes, I care about our financial crisis and the election too, when the candidates aren't bickering and pointing fingers anyway. But, that doesn't mean I stopped caring about the environment, education, our children, the Arctic Circle or animal rights. Will someone please press the reset button on the media? On the government? On the political parties? Thank you.


Lisa Sharp said...

I totally agree!

Green Bean said...

You know, I completely agree. What the hell are we doing? What are we bickering about? Why are we sticking our heads in the sand and only making the problems worse for our children - and for ourselves in much older, less healthy age.

Lori said...

I read the news every day, and every day I feel sick to my stomach about the things the "people in charge" choose to discuss and the things they choose to ignore. It drives me nuts that they don't seem to understand how inter-related all of these things are.

If the switch to sustainable power sources like wind, geothermal and solar will create jobs, slow global warming, and reduce or eliminate our reliance on foreign sources of oil, why would spending on making this switch not be a part of any financial and economic stimulus package?

If choosing to start treating all humans and all animals decently will improve our image and strengthen our relationships with other nations, help secure our food supplies, and improve our national security with little or no financial cost, why wouldn't we pursue this?

If other nations, like Sweden, have fallen into and successfully climbed out of just this type of financial crisis in the last decade, and are willing to help us determine the best course of action for our country today, why isn't our government actively listening to what they have to say and actually taking Sweden's lessons to heart?

Like you, I'm saddened that these topics aren't being seriously discussed or addressed, but I can find a dozen articles about Sarah Palin's glasses or the circumstances under which Nicole Kidman conceived her daughter.

I too wish that our politicians and media would pull their heads out of the sand and look around, because if they did they'dbe able to see that it is possible to see identify these kinds of crises of economy, ethics, environment and finance and resolve them before they hit full force and threaten to destroy our planet and all of its people.

End of rant. Let's just say "I agree wholeheartedly."

steplikeagiant said...

Ever since I had to beat up that boy in fourth grade for picking on my best friend for being smart and not like the other boys, I have been asking myself why people are so stupid. Thirty-two years later, my heart is still breaking when I read about this stuff, especially the animals who have done nothing to deserve us. I keep thinking I can do something to stop it...beat somebody up...but all I an do is my bit...I will keep reducing, writing letters, talking to people, and voting, knowing at least I am trying to help. All of us who are focused on this are helping. Maybe we will turn the bus around, maybe not, but we are trying and that has to be enough to keep going.

EcoLabel Fundraising said...

Somedays it is just too much to even wrap your head around. I get anxiety when I think about my children living in what seems to be a completely morally misguided world. The solace is there are still really good people like those that posted on your blog in your comments. I think it is too hard to take it all in, so you look for the good. You lead by example. That's how I live.