Friday, September 5, 2008

Hearing Voices

The email I sent to our school district regarding the USDA's reauthorization of The Child Nutrition Act reached my son's middle school principal. She took the time to respond to me and to place the email containing the link to the public comments section into the hands of those who need to comment and have the power to make changes - the District Supervisor of Food Services and the PTA president.

Please take the time to make your voice heard. Comment today and then write a letter to your principal, your PTA president, your Food Service Department. I can't stress how important food choices are to your children. Where is the one place during the day they make their own decisions? It's the school lunch room. Do I take the fruit cup or pass it by because it looks "gross". Do I eat my veggies or toss them in the trash because they are "disgusting".

Providing children with fresh and healthy food choices today will set them up for a life-long education in how to feed themselves and, to me, that's just as important as math class or a science project. If you want a copy of the letter I sent to the school district, please feel free to copy it here. The link the to the USDA's site to comment is here.

Copy of the letter from our school principal:

Dear (eco 'burban mom),

I will forward your email to our district - Supervisor of Food Services, (name) and to (the school's) head cook, (name). Our food service department has done much to address these concerns, and I am sure (the staff) would be happy to talk with you to provide the details. I will also forward your email to our PTSA president, (name). (She) is very involved and always eager to address concerns. Thanks so much. (Principal)

Yes, my voice was heard!

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