Monday, April 28, 2008

Ahhh.... challenges, challenges

I have joined two challenges this month. One easy, one kinda hard. Green Bean is asking us all to do something really simple - read a great green book. CHECK! I just got an email notice from my local library and my copy of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle has finally been returned (thanks to whomever has been reading it for the last 4 MONTHS!!) so there is challenge #1. Thanks, Grean Bean for reminding us to read something other than "Click Clack Moo" every night!

Now... challenge #2 is a little trickier. Blue Collar is asking us to consider rethinking our food choices in her Diet For Global Hunger Action. I joined up because eating healthier food, meaning real food, not processed items that really aren't meant to be that freakin' orange, blue or yellow is really just plain common sense. But, Blue Collar is taking a step further... How are our food choices causing a food crisis for other regions of the world? Can we make small steps to eat locally, choose non-processed items, eat your correct caloric intake and maybe reduce a little of the bulge around the middle while doing so? And will this reduce our impact enough to make sure there is more food for more regions of the world? I think so, but it's going to take some revisions to the grocery list and a bunch of people to jump on board with Blue Collar's challenge. I'm ready, but telling my 4 baseball playing boys that smurf-blue Gatorade really doesn't exist in nature is going to be a tough sell. However, I bought everyone a shiny new Sigg today, so maybe they will be distracted by the new toy long enough not to notice the tap water inside?


Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I heard anything referred to as being "Smurf blue". Too funny!

Blogger is being a pain and won't let me post HTML anywhere without trying to interpret it (else I'd have had it right at the end of my post!). And I couldn't find a link on your page to just e-mail you. But if you've got the code figured out enough for it to show up in your post, well, all I did for my sidebar was add the exact same code as an "HTML element".

Hope that helps; I'm still trying to figure out the technical side, too. You'd think with a computer-guru husband, I'd know all of this already!

eco 'burban mom said...

Thanks, BC, I will try to add it as a html element.

I still think of bright blue as a smurf color. However, my boys go... "ummm, who?" and give me a coo-coo look!

Looking forward to the challenge!