Sunday, April 20, 2008

I've Done it! - CFL Lighting

The switch to CFL lighting has been on my "I've Done It" list for awhile because the majority of bulbs in our house have been switched. However, since throwing away an incandescent before it life cycle has been completed 100% would just be plain wasteful, I still have a few left. My older boy's room has been short one bulb (it burned out days ago) and I have been waiting for the other to follow suit so I can replace both - and today I got the chance. Now I have replaced both and brought my CFL total up to 15!

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Doug said...


My name is Doug Hannah. First of all, I like your blog a lot. Second, I've got a project you might be interested in...I didn't want to spam one of your recent posts, so I'm attaching it to the CFL post because its about saving energy.

Anyway, I'm a student at Stanford University, and I'm working with a team that's trying to help families to incorporate eco-conscious computing into their lives. One of the things I've heard from many parents is that while they work really hard to get their kids to turn off lights and not leave the water running, they often have a lot of trouble with instilling the same behavior on the computer. This not only has big impacts for wasted electricity (thus, utility bills and the planet), but also means that many kids are missing out on a chance to learn a simple, responsible task.

Anyway, I've been working with a team of Stanford students to try to do something about this. We've recently developed a tool to greatly simplify the process of shutting down a computer in an easily understandable format for children- all it takes is one click on the sleepy moon! It is still in its early phases, but we think it's got a lot of promise.

If you think your readers might be interested, the site is We've got some information there...let me know if it looks like a good match for your readers, and I'd be happy to answer any questions.