Monday, April 7, 2008

How does your garden grow?

I have always had a pretty good looking landscaping and perennial garden, but haven't taken the dive into growing actual food. Here in the 'burbs with all the bunnies, squirrels and critters that have been displaced by rapidly growing housing developments and strip malls, gardening can be a close second to warfare. Chicken wire, fencing, wire mesh and chain link - you name it, it's not keeping the furry guys out of your green beans.

So, this year as one of my challenges, I am going to attempt a few small container gardens I can keep up close and personal to my back door. I found the Sean Conway Organic veggie seeds at Target and picked up some green beans, carrots, lettuce and lavender. If I can make this work, I might spring for the tomatoes and basil too! In the next few days I plan to find some organic gardening soil and re-purpose some flower pots to become veggie pots. Pictures and more to come!


PlanningQueen said...

Starting a vegetable patch is on my list of things to do. I hope you can protect them from the animals!

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Green Bean said...

I read and was inspired by your comment on Burbanmom's blog. You are taking big steps! Give yourself a pat on the back and go plant some veggies.

Melissa said...

I'm doing some container gardening too...we only have balcony space to work with; but it's a lot of fun to watch them grow. I'm experimenting with a few different things...keep us posted on your progress!