Sunday, April 20, 2008

To Do List - COFFEE!

And on to another To-Do List Topic - Coffee... So, we tried this organic and fair trade coffee from Trader Joe's and surprisingly, it was quite good! I have tried one other brand which was terrible and had a mysterious tree bark flavor I just couldn't choke down so I wasn't quite sure how this would go down. But, it was good! Good enough to compel me to stay away from the Starbucks on the way to the office. If you count bringing my daily fix in my reusable thermos, I am well ahead in my green-game! I have one last shipment of coffee coming from my favorite Florida company - Boca Java. We adore this coffee, but our membership will have to go on hold until they add an organic, fair trade product to their line up. I am going to email them with the suggestion, so hopefully it won't be too long! Until then, Trader Joe's you have my coffee dollars!

Update: I received a response from Boca Java! According to the company they recently released an organic Peruvian Roast that is available to members only (me!). I guess I won't have to stop buying my Boca Java after all, but the Trader Joes will certainly do in a pinch! It pays to speak up and email or call the company, you never know what you will find out or inspire a company to change. One person can truly make a difference!


Chile said...

We were ordering organic coffee from Costa Rica for a while. It's awesome, but I just couldn't keep it up after finding a much closer source. There's a small cooperative of coffee farmers in Mexico that grow, roast, and sell their own organic coffee. I buy that now. It's pretty darn good, but not as good as the stuff from further down south.

'Course I could just move to Costa Rica and drink good local coffee all the time. Hm...

eco 'burban mom said...

What to do, what to do... I loved ordering from Boca Java. Nice, Florida based company with good customer service. Of course, the beans travel from all over the place, it's not like they're grown in Boca Raton or anything! I am going to try their organic Peruvian roast. Finding coffee that hasn't travel 1000 miles is hard! And, it doesn't help that I am picky!