Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Living La Vida Local!

I am gearing up for Blue Collar Crunch's first ever challenge (one of my first wholehearted attempts at completing a challenge!) which starts tomorrow and I am really looking into not only eating organic, but locally as well. After reading Greenpa's post on hunger in the modern world, I almost felt sick to my own stomach and I realize that eating the way we had been eating is just wrong.

The last 6 months or so we have been making changes, replacing common food items with organics or those with less packaging, but that was simply dipping my toe into the kiddie pool. Not that I am throwing out any of the food in the pantry. It's there, it's going to expire at some time and it needs to be eaten and most certainly not thrown in the trash. So - I visited Local Harvest for some ideas on local food sources that I can use to replace what needs replenishing.

It's a little early for farmer's markets here in Michigan. It was a whopping 27 degrees last night with a chance of snow, so I am still going to have to rely on a conventional Trader Joe's for some organic produce, eggs and dairy. However, I found a unique company not but 20 miles from my home called La Vida Local. They source local food, coffee and beauty items from right here in our own state and will even arrange delivery right to my doorstep! I didn't even know that there was a mill 30 minutes from my house milling their own organic flours and cake mixes. It's like a whack on the forehead. All this time, buying a cake mix from Oklahoma City, when there is a better alternative right in my backyard! And, given the rotten economy in our state, I could actually support another struggling family, just like us? Well, whack me again, why don't you. I think I deserve it! But not after this month! Whatever I need will be carefully thought out, researched and purchased with Greenpa's post in mind!

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cy said...

all the best to you in your family greening of the earth mission. xoxo cy