Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Digger the Dalmatian

Remember when I said I had landscaping and flowers I really was proud of? Turns out Digger (a.k.a Tahoe) the 10 month old Dalmatian really thinks they're special too. Yes, Digger is a nickname for his new favorite hobby... So, I am in need of an eco-friendly way to keep this dirt happy dalmatian OUT of the dirt! Greening the dogs is one of the things on my list, but I just figured that would mean food, treats and poop-disposal... not ground treatments. Today I tried Cayenne sprinkled in the "dig-zone". LOTS of Cayenne. No luck keeping the dog way from the blue fescue grass, but my landscaping sure does smell tasty! What is an green girl to do? We don't even use chemicals to rid our lawn of the moles, grubs and various other critters, so I won't be using any of those mystery sprays you find at the local pet mega store. Any great home remedies or should I just give up and buy The Dog Whisperer Book? We certainly aren't getting rid of Digger anytime soon!


Raw Food Diva said...

Here is what I did with my dog that liked to dig. I gave him a designated digging area in my yard. I made sure he knew this is where he could dig by digging there with him! I also used to hide treats for him there.
He loved it and stopped digging in other areas. I also used to take him to outdoor spots that were ok for him to dig in so he could get it out of his system. The beach was a good spot. I used to tell him...Ok buddy go ahead and dig! and he did and he loved it!
all the best!

eco 'burban mom said...
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eco 'burban mom said...

My yard (suburbia, suburbia!) is almost tree-less tundra and grass and the few landscaped areas I have put in since living here. UGH! Digger the Wonderdog has been diggging near the 15ft Sugar Maple I planted last year (I love it like a small child!)and no where else! But, there may be a digging option on our walk to the park - where there is a beach!! Thanks for the tip!