Friday, April 4, 2008

So... now I've gone and done it

Yes, I've gone and done it. Start a blog I mean... And, it's green. I wasn't always green and I'm not really a green as I should be, but I'm trying. That's what this little project is all about. Chronicling the life of one suburban family trying to make small steps each day to live life a little healthier, greener and happier. 4 boys, 1 husband, 2 dogs and 1 lean, green eco-burban momma. Sort of. Like I said, we're trying.

Don't get me wrong - it's not like I have been doing this forever. Look at my lists! I traded in the SUV, bought some organic milk and actually dusted off my recycling bin not too long ago myself! And then it just snowballed from there...

So, this blog is for all the suburban moms who want to get with it, go green and get healthy for their families and the planet. Clean out that recycle bin, fill it with gatorade bottles and starbucks cup sleeves and let's go "greening" together. That's all it takes, one small step today, another one tomorrow and so on... Each day I will post a new topic for thought, a new challenge or a simple idea that you too can do to "green" your life!



lamamanaturale said...

Hi there,
I'm new to the blogging world too!! Great info- so far!! I like your TO-DO list- it looks exactly like mine!!! :) Anyway, I hope you'll consider stopping by my site!

greenmama said...


Another friendly here....our lists are pretty parallel. Giving up the whole paper towel thing-really s*cks! :)