Thursday, May 1, 2008

Grabbing a Great Green Book!

The other challenge I am really, really committing myself to is Green Bean's Bookworm Challenge. I checked out 3 different books from the library (see! no buying! no paper waste!) and I am already 2 chapters deep into Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I am showing no signs of slowing down. And today is just is only May 1st!

So, I am guessing I will get to Affluenza soon and then can enjoy a semi-green read, The $64 Tomato. Seriously folks, this is an easy challenge and you might just remember that reading a book to yourself is just as important as reading "Click Clack Moo" like 100 times a day to those under 4 ft. tall! If you haven't joined, it's not too late! Seriously! It's not! Green Bean is on vacation until Friday and without internet access, so quick, get on over there and sign up before she gets home!

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