Monday, July 28, 2008

How many uses can you find for canning water?

I finally ventured into canning, but am only dipping my toe in the water with basic water bath canning. Freezing and drying are right up there on my list, so when you add it all up I am storing a lot of food, but wasting a lot of water. While canning some blueberry sauce I was trying to think of all the ways I have been using the remaining water bath, blanching and sterilizing water.

1. Let pot cool on porch, water flower pots and container garden

2. Pour while still boiling-hot on spaces between the sidewalk pavers and driveway to kill weeds - Note to self, wear shoes next time - OUCH

3. Let cool for 5-10 minutes add a little soap and use it to kill stinky smell on Crocs and flip flops of sweaty boys. Also, note - make sure boys aren't wearing them at the time! ;o)

4. Let cool and use with soap to mop floors where stinky Crocs and flip flops hang out by the door
And then I realized... That's only four uses! There has got to be a ton more I am missing out on here. Anyone have any bright ideas?


Cindy said...

How flush the toilet(s)? Make sure it doesn't splash back into the pot :)

Cool it and pour into water bottles for drinking later?

Pour into the tub for bathing later?

Pour into the sink and wash veggies later?

Cool it and let the kids play in the hot summer?

Heather @ SGF said...

Boil corn or potatoes

Pour over compost heap

Bobbi said...

I use mine to water container plants (after cooling, of course).

Green Bean said...

Hmm, I almost alway use mine to water my little pomegranate tree. Sometimes, though, I also use it to handwash some of the dirtier dishes before sinking them into the dish washer.

jennconspiracy said...

I wouldn't use it for drinking water nor for kids playing -- it always ends up with some bits of flotsam & jetsam from the pot, the outside of the jars and so on. eww.

While it is hot, you could use it to clean that grease off your car tires that is so hard to get off -- scrub brush, hot water and baking soda should do the job!

I used it for filling up the scorched pans to soak...

ELP said...

I stopped using the big H2o canners, now I use the steam canners for H2o canning, less water , less heat, faster processing time. Found mine in Utah( those Mormon women know how to do things). If you need more info please contact me