Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Unexpected Local Meal

I sat down to think about our dinner tonight and to check ingredients off my list to ensure they were local. Then, I realized something. We had an unexpected all local lunch today and I didn't even plan it. We were in a hurry, I grabbed ingredients from the fridge to quickly throw together something that would make everyone happy and it was gone in a flash.

Eating local has become so commonplace and easy, it's now just a part of the routine. Our dinner tonight is going to be a bit more fancy and quite exotic, but I am a little more proud of our lunch. We ate it already of course, so the meal is gone and I can't photograph it. In place of our lunch photo, I am posting a picture of what remains of the Farmer's Market potatoes which will be part of our meal tonight.
Our lunch today - Potato, egg and green onion bake topped with Gouda cheese with a side of cinnamon chip french toast with maple syrup and butter.

Potatoes - Farmer's Market
Green Onion - Farmer's Market
Butter - Calders Dairy
Eggs - East River Organics
Raw Gouda - Grassfields Organics

Cinnamon Chip Bread - Great Harvest Bread (at Farmer's Market)
Eggs - East River Organics
Cream - Calder's Dairy
Butter - Calder's Dairy
Maple Syrup - Currey Farms

p.s. - Have you noticed we eat a lot of breakfast foods? So have I...


Debbie said...

It is getting easier, isn't it? And there's nothing wrong with breakfast foods.

Green Bean said...

I found the same thing. At first I was trying to eat local and then I just was. Enjoy your breakfast foods and potatoes and everything else the farmers' market throws your way!

Rjs said...

OK I am going to have to ask, can you post the recipe for the potato, egg and green onion bake? Sounds great.