Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday = Local, Homemade Cake

This weekend is the big 4-0 birthday bash for the Eco 'Burban Dad. Not quite a big bash, but a small get together anyways. So, in honor of the big day and the fact that he is such a super, duper sport in all of my challenges and green escapades, I am making a homemade, all local birthday cake. (See how I'm still squeezing my challenges in on his birthday?!? Poor guy...) Don't worry, his favorite birthday beverage of choice, Corona, is a completely un-local splurge for the occasion. See, I'm not a total greenie-meanie!

But, considering I used to be the kind of suburbanite to rush out to Costco, because I was just soooo busy, and buy one of those huge, frosted cakes the size of a smart car (most of which ended up in the garbage), the art of a homemade cake is truly an act of love. Oh, please, you know I am still getting some help with this ordeal - I managed to find an organic cake mix from a local mill that is supposed to be fabulous. After I add the eggs, milk and a few fancy flavors and whip up my own frosting, it still totally counts as homemade. I haven't made a cake with actual layers since like 7th grade Home Ec... I will post a picture (lopsided and decorated by the 4-year old!) next week, but for today... Happy "Fabulous at 40" Birthday to the Eco 'Burban Dad!


Green Bean said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! I think a homemade birthday cake is one of the most beautiful things you can do for someone. I make my boys homemade cakes and tell them that I bake a little extra love inside - you can't get that in a store bought cake.

Anonymous said...

My fiance made my last cake and although it wasn't the most perfect looking cake it was the best tasting and I bet yours will be the same. Good luck!

eco 'burban mom said...

Thanks! I am sure he will love it, lumps, bumps and all!! :o)