Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mmmmm... Local Soap

The Green Street Festival this weekend did have some great green products and unique local vendors and artists, but it was full of the same big-business sponsorship I am guessing is vital to the financial bottom line of a big event. Toyota, Whole Foods, Bosch, Clif Bar are just a few of the big corporate entities hanging out, trying to act cool, but at least they are companies that are all making strides for the environment and the well being of the people in it.

As part of my eat local / buy local challenge I did find a great little soap company at the fair, handmade here in Michigan with the nicest smelling suds around. We have switched to bar soaps and only have one bar of my Trader Joe's Oatmeal Soap left, so I really did need some more. Even if Crunchy's Buy Nothing Challenge is over, I am still challenging myself to define purchases into a "needs" and "wants" category. This one fell into both - I needed it and I wanted it!

The Boh Bon Soap Company came along at just the right time! The soap is handmade with all natural ingredients by a long-time Michigan resident. The quirky name of her company is actually a play on the name of her grandfather's grocery store from the U.P. region of our state. Now, how much better can I feel about getting all sudsy in the shower with local, handmade soap with scents like tangerine or cinnamon swirl? Not that I'm going to tell you..... Oh, an added bonus? Not a single scrap of plastic packaging - just a wrap of recyclable corrugate! Yippie!


Green Bean said...

Wahoo! What a find.

eco 'burban mom said...

Yes, but almost too good. The youngest is so excited about "blue soap" I'm afraid it will turn to suds in his little hands too quickly!