Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Algebra Teacher Would Be Proud

I didn't know I knew how to bake. I didn't know I could make it through the day without using a single paper towel. I didn't know I could get through the week without one trip to the store. I didn't know I could start a recycling program for the Little League. I didn't know that the only mill that stone grinds flour in our entire state is 40 minutes from my house. I didn't know I would like shopping at a thrift store.

I didn't know a lot of things. I guess I didn't know that I just wasn't done learning. See, I thought I had passed the task of 'learning' down to my kids. After all, isn't it their turn to soak up the knowledge from wise and witty teachers down at the middle school? When I started on my path to greenness, I didn't stop to take in to account that I would be learning along the way. Learning about farms, filters, pesticides, chemicals, animals, vegetables and miracles. I have been reading books, writing letters, joining groups, listening to other experts and even, maybe once in awhile, teaching someone else a little about being green. I haven't done this much learning since about the 11th grade - and most of that was about boys, track meets and hair-dos.

I am sure the learning isn't over, every day I read another chapter, find a new friend and discover another resource to teach me one more thing. So, what I learned today? Treading down the path to greenness isn't always about DOING something, it's actually about LEARNING something. The more you know, the easier it gets too. I am no longer afraid of local food challenges or speaking in front of the entire Little League about recycling and I am even getting comfortable with the fact that I just might not be dependent on paper towels for the rest of my life either.

I updated my To-Do List and my We've Done It List - because I deserve to scratch some things off in those two columns. I learned something, I tried something, I grew something, I read something and I gave something up - all without a fight. My Algebra teacher would be proud. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to run to the thrift store for a new container for the green bean sprout my son learned to grow in science class!


Green Bean said...

Really great post. It does get so much easier to live this way, doesn't it. It's like those old public service announcements, "the more you know . . ." Totally true. I love how much I am learning, growing. Thanks for sharing.

arduous said...

Great post! It's so true. The more we learn, the more we open our minds to other possibilities, the easier it is to be eco-friendly and the better off we are! :)

Joyce said...

I like it that your boys are watching you do this. What a great example! I just finished raising my four, and I know that yours most likely aren't telling you what an awesome, exraordinary person you are right now, but someday they will. They'll do it by emulating you, the sincerest form of flattery.

Mama said...

I find learning so much more fun now that I do it for myself, and not for a teacher! Who would've thought that green "sacrifice" is actually an act that enriches our lives, instead of making us martyrs! Thanks for the post, there are many reasons for us suburban moms to go green!

ONNO said...

It's been over ten years since I started learning about green living. Everyday there is something new to learn. We can share our knowledge and inspire others to maybe go a little more green.

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