Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Local + Bread = Cannoli?!?

I am trucking right along on my eat local / buy local challenge. I am giddy, can't you tell? But, I have to tell you there are pitfalls along the way. I have driven by this bakery not too far from my home a gazillion times and always wondered. What do they make there? Is it any good? Not once I have I ever screeched my little mini-vannie wheels to a stop to duck in and take a look.

Too busy. Already have 72 loaves of bread bought by the case from Costco. Too tired. Too many stops to make today. Blah, blah, blah. Today, thanks to my local challenge, I stopped. I found out that they make all their own breads, cookies, pizza dough etc. fresh daily. And, a whole loaf of multi-grain bread made this actual morning is only $2.89. So, I bought a loaf - we are actually out of bread. And, our economy here in Michigan sucks, so buying bread from a local family not only tastes good, but might actually make a difference.
Oh, but you say... didn't you mention pitfalls?? Yes, yes... this bakery (Italian, I should mention) makes their own homemade cannoli shells and cream and will fill them RIGHT ON THE SPOT when you order. Do you think I could walk away from that? Of course not! I bought one loaf of bread, two large size cannoli (one for me, one for hubby!) and a homemade donut for little guy who happened to be on my errand run with me. So, yes Local+Bread= Cannoli.
Update: Those local cannolis were YUM! They certainly didn't last long in our fridge! Mmmm...


arduous said...

Oh man I feel you. I bought some local honey the other day?

Baaaaad idea. This stuff is so good, I can just shovel it in my mouth by the spoonful! No bread needed.

eco 'burban mom said...

So, I am not the only one! You go in for bread, you come out with treats. And justify it because it was local! Pitfalls, pitfalls - Yummy-tasting pitfalls!