Friday, May 16, 2008

Cream in glass bottles = Cute!

As part of my eat local challenge one of the changes I tackled is the milk / cream / dairy consumption. When you live in a house with 4 growing boys milk is a rapidly disappearing natural resource straight from the refrigerator. And, the organic stuff is more expensive per gallon than the other natural resource that making the news headlines every day!

We have been drinking the organic version for more than 4 years, so I thought I was over the sticker shock. Until I decided to switch to glass bottles that is... So, we are taking it one dairy product at a time. The delivery service for the local foods I am using does make this switch super-easy. Along with the flour, eggs and whatnot she delivers milk in perfect glass bottles and picks up the empties that get returned to the dairy for reuse. Last week we tried the chocolate milk and of course the kids are in loooove and want to make sure we get that treat every week! This week I added the half and half for the coffee to the list and when I opened my delivery box there was this cute little glass jar of nostalgia.

My first thought when I opened the box wasn't, ooooh less plastic, this is WAY better for the environment - it was a rush of "look at the cute little glass jar, isn't it sweet"?!? I immediately took the jar into the other room to show my husband it's round, glassy cuteness. I can certainly say not a single cardboard carton or plastic bottle of half and half lugged home from the Kroger made the cuteness list - organic or otherwise! So, what is it about milk in glass bottles delivered to your doorstep or a trip to the farm that brings a rush of nostalgia or this feeling of going back to a "simpler time"? Does it evoke memories of a grandmother or childhood? Or is it just contentment and a feeling of achieving 'June Cleaver' status with a humming refrigerator full of rows of glass jars, paper wrapped butter and homemade goodies?

So, I'm shelling out the big bucks for the chocolate milk and cream in the cute glass jars. Next week probably the skim milk too. And, what am I getting in return? Healthier kids, a healthier planet and a nice healthy dose of nostalgia. I'm buying it and loving it... every last drop!


Green Bean said...

There is something special about milk delivered in glass bottles, isn't there? It seems so right. Beautiful post.

organicneedle said...

How much is a gallon in glass? I have been paying about $10-$12 for store organic in cartons. Just curious to see the difference. I haven't been able to actually find a delivery service for local milk. (Local is still a few hours away.)

eco 'burban mom said...

GB - yes, the glass is special and somehow nostalgic, but I am getting hooked on this delivered to my door thing too. What a wonderful convience for a working mom!

Orgie - Oh my! And I thought I had sticker shock! I only pay $5.69 for an organic gallon of skim at Trader Joes. If I were to buy the equivalent of a gallon (comes in two half gallon glass containers) I would pay about $8 I believe. That's why we have only started with the chocolate and the cream. Four boys drink a whole lotta milk! They can put down a half gallon in one breakfast, so I am pacing myself...

Going Crunchy said...

I've switched to Oberweiss that runs at 3.89 a half gallon or Stonybridge (is that it?) organic in the carton at about 3.69 for a half gallon.

It is expensive, but I use it for cooking, baking and drinking. My husband and I are on soymilk so that does help as we don't drink it as a beverage as much.

It does feel quaint and charming in the hands!

Anonymous said...

We purchase raw local milk here in Colorado and 4 gallons a month run us $40. Excessive I suppose but I know where my milk comes from and I know how the cows live so I feel better about what we are drinking. I also feel better about supporting a small dairy farmer.

Besides with raw milk you can make the best fresh mozzarella ever!