Thursday, May 8, 2008

To Do List - Growin' Some Green

Another item from the To-Do List is getting my hands - and those of my children - dirty planting some green edibles. I have always loved planting flowers and perennials, but living here in suburbia big gardens are a no-no. Not so much a rule per say, but between the rabbits looking for their next meal and the chemicals getting sprayed on just about every green surface around, it's just not feasible.

This year we decided to tackle some container gardening for a few veggies and herbs. My kids think produce comes from Costco in a crate, so hey, 4 pots of something growing is progress, right? Today (in the windy rain!) we planted little cherry tomato plants we found at the Farmer's Market, a pot of carrots from seed, green beans from a real bean and a small container of herbs - in actual organic soil. For the first time, give or take 55 days, we will actually eat something we grew! More pictures to come as our veggie garden *hopefully* grows to fruition!


planningqueen said...

I think I should start with a few small pots first. I keep saying when I get some time I will start the full on veggie patch, but never seem to find the time!

Also I have a free e-book to download on my my site that you might be interested in called Planning With Kids Top 100 Tips.

MamaBird said...

yeah! great start! hope you and your kids love it. come fall, throw some lettuce in a long rectangle pot (spacing on what you call it, sorry) - easy and fast.

Green Bean said...

Good for you! That's about what I did last year. It went so well, we're doing a bit more this year. It's really cool for the kids (though mine are younger than yours) to see things go from seed to eat. My kids raped the snap pea plants. We're on our third round of plants over the past year and I've yet to eat a single one. I'll call that success!

Anonymous said...

My fiance and I started a container garden this year too. The best ones to watch are beans because they seem to grow the fastest.

eco 'burban mom said...

GB - I am glad to hear that, I just started with the basics - carrots, green beans, cherry tomatoes and herbs. As long as these actually grow (and aren't eatten by voracious rabbiets) I am sure this will be a new tradition!

mamabird - that's a good idea about the lettuce and I think I have one of those rectangle boxes in my garage from some failed windowboxes!

BH- seems like everyone is on the container-train... Making raised beds or digging up grass for a true garden is just too daunting for me!!

Going Crunchy said...

This weekend we installed a composter and built our above ground beds. I have my small "garden" patch from the years past, but this year we are so "getting crunchy" with it. Instead of flowers in pots I have all herbs and strawberries coming up!

I want to fence and have my own chickens. ;-) I'm in the suburbs too!