Monday, May 19, 2008

I have rocks in my socks...

...said the ox to the fox. OK, so maybe not in my socks, but in my backyard. I have debated on putting in a rain garden on the blog before, but I am pretty much scrapping that plan. Oh, but why you say?

Because I am moving on to a rock garden. I love my doggies and they love me, but the Dalmatian puppy (the digger has been on the blog before for his diggish ways...) finally destroyed the last of the blue fescue grasses I planted last year before I knew I was getting the little spotted dirt-monger! I had planned to continue to expand the landscaping bed this year, I really have no use for grass. (See my to-do list - less grass = less water)
But, now I am thinking between the doggie pee and the doggie claws I am better off with a rock garden. It won't need any water, I won't get any of the lovely burnt-out pee spots all summer long and there won't be any grass or plants for the sweet, sweet ball of RABID, digging fur to drag around the yard.

I would like to edge the area - it's right by the underground invisible fence system - which is now set on HIGH - so I think it might be safe. I like this picture of a garden I found online, but those yellow flowers might look mighty tasty to a 9 month old pup... Although, I wonder if he would eat rocks?!? I have rocks in my tummy said the puppy to the bunny!


MamaBird said...

That garden looks lovely! We don't have a blade of grass and I looove it. But we also have very little yard space to begin with (row house). My puppy wasn't such a chewer of flowers, but man, houseplants were and still are a delicacy.

Chief Family Officer said...

Is that a picture of your actual garden? It's beautiful!