Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Going Local This Summer!

I am getting excited! I joined One Local Summer, and I feel so confident that this challenge is something I can totally knock out of the ball park.

About a month ago I joined a local food club and I have been slowly emptying my non-local reserves (into our bellies of course, I'm not throwing perfectly good food away!) and replacing them with all-local, organic and fair trade goods. Here's what's rockin' in my pantry:

  1. My beef, chicken, pork and eggs are all from certified organic local farms practicing all natural, free grazing methods.

  2. My coffee comes from the only source in Michigan roasting 100% organic, fair trade coffees - which they will deliver by bike, even in the winter - if you live in their area!

  3. My butter, cream and chocolate milk all come from a local dairy in reusable glass bottles.

  4. My maple syrup, peanut butter, bread, pancake mix, pickles, beans, popcorn, brownie mix and cinnamon rolls are all local, organic and completely high fructose corn syrup free!

  5. Veggies and fruits are trickling into the farmer's markets and starting this week I am off the California-grown produce and sticking with what is seasonably available - Barbara Kingsolver Style!
Now, if I can't make one meal a week out of the bounty in my pantry and fridge, well, then I am a more pathetic cook than I even give myself credit for. Hey - this meal might be pancakes and bacon, but it will be all local! Remember, I am feeding 4 hungry boys, so some flapjacks and sizzlin' pork goes a long, long way in their book!


klj said...

Hi Eco 'Burban,
I am your neck of the woods, A2, and I have a question about your butter source. I use Calder for milk, but the butter of theirs I purchase from the store is in a plastic tub. How is it delivered to your house? Thanks!

eco 'burban mom said...

Yep, I use Calder for the butter too, but have to SMUSH it down in the tub, because when I get it, it's overflowing! I use LaVidaLocal for my food delivery. I think she would like a better source for dairy, but it's about our only option around Oakland County. I am not thrilled with the plastic tub, but I have been reusing them to store crayons and things of that sort. I was thinking they might make good freezer containers too...

arduous said...

That's awesome! Pancakes for dinner are still my favorite treat!! Too bad maple syrup isn't local to CA, or I would make some tonight!! :)

Debbie said...

Pancakes for dinner sound about right to me! I'd have to go for the tempeh bacon though. (I'm learning how to make tempeh from local soybeans!)

eco 'burban mom said...

Arduous! Aha!! I guess I finally have something yummy that is totally local to Michigan that doesn't have a California equivalent that kicks my maple-butt! You Cali-girls have all the veggie-luck, but I have the maple goodness! :o)

Debbie - you are right, sometimes pancakes are just about the best dinner EVER! 'least that's what the kids say!

La Vida Local said...

Hey, Klj and Eco 'burban, I've learned to embrace the Calder's plastic tub...there are so many uses for it! I prefer to use glass for food storage, but plastic can come in pretty handy for gardening purposes, as well as kid-organizing, like Eco 'burban suggested with crayons. Perhaps you can use it to hold kitchen compost on its way out the door. Or to transfer seedlings into. Or poke a couple holes in it and try a vermicomposting project with your kids! Get some good worm castings! use the tub to make ice chunks for your coolers...use as a mold for sand castles...lol! ;)

eco 'burban mom said...

Hey, LVL! I love the idea of using them to freeze ice chunks for the coolers this summer! I have one tub already washed and ready to freeze!