Friday, May 2, 2008

Green Festival in the'Burbs - Really! It's True!

So, you all know I am from the 'burbs here in the Detroit area. Let's face it, we are not the first place anyone thinks of for green and sustainable lifestyles. Come on. Every third car is a Hummer, Escalade or Suburban, most recycling bins are used to hold hockey skates and and folks here drive two blocks to the party store for a bag of ice. So, to find an actual green festival means we are really coming around here in the 'burbs. I believe, really I do! Tomorrow I will be attending the Plymouth Green Street Festival where there will be eco-friendly home building, fashion, energy alternatives, kid's activities and food. OK, I agree with the Crunchy One that buying more crap that you don't need really isn't green at all. I am planning to attend to try to find more local food sources to help me get through my eating local challenge I am doing for both Blue Collar and Crunchy's May challenges. However, if it takes a few suburbanites to buy a pair of Simple Shoes or some organic cotton undies to start making the switch to a greener lifestyle - I am all for it. Hey, we all started somewhere and I am not that far removed from the day when I bought my first green product, so who am I to judge? Hopefully, I won't need wild horses to drag ME away from some of the booths selling their wares... I am a sucker for some shoes!

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